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How Do You Know That Dieting Is Unhealthy And Wrong

lose belly fat

Summary : Today we are going to talk about
Health habits to help you lose belly fat
How do you know that dieting is unhealthy and wrong?
 Reasons behind not descent of weight despite diet
Tips When You Follow a System To Weight Loss

What are the health habits to get rid of belly fat?
Healthy diet  and unhealthy diet! Obesity is increase the natural body weight as a result of result of fat accumulation in the body, and the impact of genetic factors on obesity only 1%, while 99% due to bad dietary habits and eating more calories than Body needs ,The body is a balance of power inside by eating  external power is a sport and daily activity
we are control the energy entering and the energy we are spending and must be balanced between them.
    lose belly fat
  • Fat tissue is an inactive do not need to power,  every grams of fat burn 4 calories and it's a soft nature, give an ugly body shape.
  • Muscle is active in the body every grams of muscle burn from 50-60 calories it needs more energy.
  • Muscle and fat have the same weight.
- Calorie is a unit of energy measurement and the amount of calories is varies from person to person everyone has their own needs and the needs vary depending on:
  •   Age,
  •  Weight
  •  Length
  •  Activity daily
- There are ways to measure calories, depends on:
  •   Breathing.
  •   Mathematical equations.
  •  Through hardware and there are devices more accurate than others.


  •  The number of calories needed by the body in general for men 2500- 2700 calories, women need for 2000 -2200 calories .

  •  Knowledge of the calories in foods aimed at knowing where it comes from excess calories in the body,to eat consciously.
*(To increase the knowledge of how to read the food labels).

Metabolism is the energy needed  to complete vital operations involuntary 
  •  Breathing. 
  •  Demolition. 
  •  Building .
Which is made in the body and account 70% of our energy. (For example : body needs about 2000 calories a day 70% of this energy can not control them, It controls 30% of energy through food and physical activity pattern) .

The amount of calories to lose weight?
Reduce 500 - 1000 calories from total calories needed by the individual lead to loss of half a kilo to one kilo a week. The individual may lose a little more weight at the first week because of fluid loss.

How stored body fat
The number of fat cells of 50 to 200 million cell in the body if the amount of fat intake needed more than in the body will cause a doubling of the number of fat cells and the accumulation of fat in the body because there is no discharge them..

The effect of food in the body :
protein (such as meat and dairy) digested into amino acids to turn into muscles.
carbohydrates that we eat (such as potatoes, bread) turn into glucose.

energy to digest vegetables and fiber turn into something useful and well-being.
good fats to digest vital molecules to turn out to be beneficial cholesterol.

fat and oils do not turn into one simple substance such as proteins and carbohydrates, but turn into several things.
fast food to digest fatty acids turn into obesity.

Some believe that dieting is deprived of eating!
While Dieting is a lifestyle change by changing the kind of food taken and the distribution of meals during the day ( program to correct the way you eat) and proper diet provides the body with all the requirements of the nutrients is called Weight Loss.
Dieting mistakes
How do you know that dieting is unhealthy and wrong?
 Reduce the number of daily calories to less than 1000 calories to lose weight faster.
Rice, bread causes an increase in weight, a lot believed that the Carbohydrates is the cause of weight
 gain , should be completely abolished When you follow the diet to lose weight
lose belly fat Starches do not lead to weight gain, but in the case dealt with quantities more than the body's need When eating any meal containing the carbohydrates are digested and converted to glucose in the blood and used part of it for energy production and part of it is stored on glycogen glycogen form a power reserve in the body (muscle and liver) and used by the body to produce energy can be stored as fat in the case of an individual eat very large quantities more than he needs 
In the case of cancellation of carbohydrates from the diet affect the ratio of carbohydrates and most of the weight that is lost is a muscles and fluids and therefore when you stop following the diet and return to the previous system begins increase in weight.
In the case of cutting out carbohydrates, proteins will be alternative
and function of proteins is muscles building and construction and demolition, proteins differentiate from starches that when cashed  as energy it will produced nitrogen and becomes energy which leads to a lack of energy operations and increase the amount of nitrogen, causing fatigue to the kidneys and affect the muscles causing the return of the weight again.
  • Follow the policy of starvation or rely on one meal during the day will lead to eating larger quantities of food.
  •  Lose a 10 kilos in 10 days, diet is by reducing fat and not fluid in the body.
  • Cancel eating a particular type of medical terms are not based on good foundations.
  • Eating a certain type of food for a long time and in any quantity.
  • Follow the drastic diet does not help the daily needs of the body.
  • Dieting not deprivation it is to monitor the quantity and quality of eating 
  • Weight Loss be to reduce calories while increasing physical activity
Deprivation = backlash, will lead to an increase in weight in this case The body does not burn fat and will work to reduce appetite and increase metabolism, The body will reduce burn fat and retain them instead of losing it.
diets weight loss rapidly, not be through fat loss, but the loss of fluids, vitamins and minerals, because the fat stored need a time to to break down and convert it to energy ,It may cause pallor and working on the stability of the body shape
Who follow a wrong diet, will not lose weight , but may be instead of that , get weight gain .

Weight loss is the balance between the amount of calories that enter the body and the amount of energy burned.

  Reasons behind not descent of weight despite diet back to medical reasons:
  •  Polycystic ovaries .
  •  Sloth thyroid .
  •  Insulin resistance 
  •  Metabolic syndrome .
  •  Chronic constipation .
  • Problems (Uric acid)
  • Also generally as mentioned at the top of following the wrong diet.

Tips When You Follow a System To Weight Loss
lose belly fat

  •  Food system in order to be successful must be according to your needs and your 
  • Schedule daily .weight loss will be gradual and should not be reduced less than 1,200 calories for women and men 1500 calories to extend the body its daily requirements. 
  •  Distribution of daily calories to 25% for both breakfast and dinner and lunch 40% snacks 10% . 
  • Change daily eating habits and follow healthy eating habits such as eating popcorn instead of chips and not to buy foods containing large amounts of fat and sugars.  
  • Increasing physical activity such as walking or using the stairs instead of the elevator. 
  • Replace the types of carbohydrates intake, such as use of brown bread instead of white, eating brown rice instead of white rice .  
  • Reduce your sweets intake and reduce added sugar for drinks and avoid roasted and salted nuts . 
  •  Eat more fruits and vegetables and 4-5 servings a day can be taken during meals or between them. 
    •  Eating red meat and chicken after removing fat.
    •  Drink 2-3 liters of water a day instead of soft drinks, canned juices .

    • Reduce use of fats and oils and butter during cooking. And use healthy cooking methods such as steam cooking and barbecuing.


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