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The Best Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly fat And A Lot Of Benefits

Summary: today we are going to talk about top 5 yoga poses which help you lose belly fat, removes gases, increase the flexibility of the knee and hips and more.
The accumulated fat is considered among the folds of the internal organs of the humans, (Such as accumulated fat on the liver and abdominal area) of the most dangerous fat at all.

 Abdominal fat has a different way of working from the rest of the fat in the body. These fats receive a large amounts of blood and cortisol,  which is also known as stress and tensile hormone.

Cortisol levels are rising and falling during the day, when a person is under constant tension, the cortisol levels will continue to rise .  When cortisol levels are rising, fat will accumulate in the belly, where there are large amounts of cortisol receptors. 

The following simple yoga exercises, helps everybody to get rid of these internal fats.
First :
You should start with these exercises slowly, and gradually.Training on an empty stomach.
First exercise: (Pavan-Muk…

Amazing Drink To Lose Belly Fat For Ever

Summary : today i'm going to show you the most important benefits of turmeric for lose weight and lose belly fat and contraindications for turmeric use, also how to prepare this drink for lose belly fat without any problems or mistakes.

I am pleased to offer you today a drink recipe which is  an appetite suppressant fat burner and contributes to weight loss fats
 It's works to reduce appetite and burn triglycerides, especially in the abdominal area , and tighteningexcess abdominal and waist contouring, and a lot of benefits 
The turmeric which is one of the most important types of herbs in Southeast Asia , India and Indonesia, it's known that helps to burn belly fat and that's what make these people uninfected Obesity nagging illnesses.
What's The Turmeric  Turmeric belongs to the ginger family, it has a sacred place in the Ayurveda medicine . Where practitioners of this medicine think that the turmeric is a purifying material for all members of the body. They say that tu…

6 Important Ways To Lose Belly Fat In a Month

Summary: today we are going to talk about most important proven ways to lose belly fat easy in a month such as yoga practice, heart exercise and more.
Weight loss requires a large effort and ,will if you really want to lose weight، If you have excess fat in the belly area caused you a lot of problems.
Here Are Some Ways Which Important To Help You Get Rid Of Belly Fat In a Month:-

Yoga Practice
There are many of yoga postures will help lose belly fat  make sure to do those positions daily.

Read about: - The Best Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly fat And A Lot Of Benefits  Reduce Calories There is no doubt that your diet affects your weight so it is important to reduce the calories in the diet to lose body fat ، also follow a diet have a few of carbohydrates. Stay Away From Grain
Your diet may contain carbohydrates from food grains or natural vegetables، you must minimize as much as possible from the food grains that you can replace them with natural vegetables,

 Try to eat fruit instead of pasta or ric…

How To Prepare Healthy Delicious Chips Alternative

Summary:today we are going to show you how to prepare healthy alternative for chips, this healthy chips really delicious, it's easy to prepare and just contain 60 calories.

Potato chips is very tasty and delicious,especially in the winter we are feeling that we are like to watching movies and series which love.

and eating fast food such as chips (potato chips) or soft drinks and pizza , but today I want to share with you a great and healthy alternative for potato chips which have a lot of fat ,salt and calories in addition it's unhealthy for kids, women and men.

Potato chips is fantastic and delicious but have a lot of fats, especially unhealthy fats and really that bad for our health, it's also so bad for people who want to lose belly fat but they can not stop eating a lot of fast food, chips, soft drinks.

Don't worry if you are from these people, because there are a lot of fruits and vegetables you can use it as a healthy alternative to potato chips such as apple, banana…

Lose Belly Fat With British Nutrition Expert Dr.Marilyn Tips

Summary: today we are going to talk about Marilyn Glenville advice to help you lose belly fat and which foods the human need to eat to get rid of belly fat.


A lot of people suffer from the rumen, so the British Nutrition expert Dr. Marilyn Glenville offers a range of advice on which foods the human need to eat to get rid of belly fat and  Maintaining of the waist area devoid of fat.
According to Dr. Marilyn: "People are always hungry because of their strained lifestyle, usually cortisol levels are high in the blood for a period of time after feeling stressed, and this is what causes an increase in appetite, in this case, your body prompts you to eat foods you think that give you activity such as carbohydrates and fat." .She added: "If this appetite does not resist, your body will store the food in the form of fat, and will focus most of the fat stored in the central region, specifically near the liver, to tur…

Benefits And Risks Of Pomegranate To Lose Belly Fat

Summary: we are going to talk about pomegranate to lose belly fat but the most important thing, we must talking about the risks of pomegranate.

Because there are many ways to use pomegranate juice or pomegranate peels to lose fat, especially to lose belly fat but no one talked about the risks of pomegranate.What're the correct ways to use it without any problems, especially the warnings? Pomegranate is rich in health benefits, it contains sugar and a little protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, and some organic acids,

Pomegranate fruit has a high ability to melt fat from the body, particularly burning belly fat, 

It has been shown by a study number of volunteers that drinking one cup of pomegranate juice (natural) a day for a month led to a decline the growth prospects of fat cells around their stomachs.

About the benefits of pomegranate to melt the fat and allocate the rumen has been scientifically proven in another study conducted at the University of "Edinburgh" that pomegranat…