Why You're Always Feel Hungry With 7 Tips To Help You

lose belly fat

 Summary: today we are going to talk about the most seven important reasons which are make you feel hungry even after eating and how to solve this problem easy.


A lot of people want to lose abdominal fat , you always ask how to lose belly fat , quick ways to burn abdominal fat ,  tips to lose belly fat , maybe you did diet to lose belly fat , etc. and you know
the big problem is feeling hungry

So why do you always feeling hungry 
and what are the reasons behind the constant feeling of hunger even after eating
Is it a real need to eat or there are another problems must be eliminated to avoid the problem of
constant feeling of hunger.

You should know that

Most nutrition experts agree that the reasons behind

 always feel hungry due to several factors

Including the body's need for water, sodium or

other vitamins.

But if you're an athlete or you're just do exercise

about 2 hours or something, like this, you're body 

burns a lot of calories.

So , you're body's always trying to compensate the 

calories you're lose, because you are burning a lot of fat your body
will look to this as a kind of danger because the
body think that the accumulated fat in the abdomen area and the whole body are as the energy is stored in the body for use it in case of the power shortage
but i want to say that sometimes  you are eating a healthy foods will burning calories

Such  as Fiber-Rich Foods , that's not bad  if you are eat a lot of healthy foods.

                                                                            Below are some suggestions that will help you greatly solving this problem.

  •  TV getting fat and lazy

New Search shows that people who are eat more when they sitting in front of television screens,  they ate more and more specially if the program was amused.

 Now, Dr. Hirsch, neurological director of Studies and Research Foundation treatment of smell and taste in Chicago, and it seems that distracted brains he does not notice what the mouth is doing. Hirsch explored the impact of smell, taste and eating behaviors while watching TV by measuring potato chip 

 consumption (potatoes).

45 volunteers eat the amount of chips they wanted during breaks lasted for five minutes over three weeks while watching David Letterman and Jay Leno.

Hirsch found that these people ate potato chips more than 44 percent while watching Letterman and 42 percent more while watching Leno, than when they had switched off the TV.

Hirsch said in an interview at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in Toronto "If you can focus on the taste of the food you will eat less, because you will feel satiety, and then if this is the truth Let's look at the reverse side. if you're distracted, in theory, then you will eat more. " Hirsch through his research in the organization helped people to overcome the loss of sense and sense of taste, which typically results in weight gain because the brain does not know when
it should stop eating.

  • Unhealthy Foods And Drinks

If you always rely on unhealthy foods and drinks

Such as :-

    Lose belly fat
  • Fast food
  • Alcohol
  • Energy drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Chocolate
  • Chips
  • Unnatural fruits juice

Unhealthy Foods and Drinks leads to blood sugar imbalance

which leads to a sense of emotional

depression and aggressive behavior, that's why you always

feeling hunger.

Read more:

  •  Taking Vitamins
There are people who always feeling hungry and often has to be a strong desire to eat something like chocolate or chips or other such as the German press Verena Troster that says "when there is no chocolate in the house I can't continue my work and I keep thinking about 
Lose belly fat
chocolate even go out and buy a piece of chocolate." 

When you are desperate need to eat a piece of chocolate, it means that your body needs to zinc, you can replace the piece of chocolate to red beet that contains a high amount of zinc

 If you're feels a strong desire to eat salty foods may have a lack of sodium
to satisfy the desire to eat salty food you can drink mineral water rich in sodium and some 
olives. anyway, drank water and healthy fills the stomach and go feeling hungry.

if you'r always feeling a lot of hunger

 i advise you, to ask you're doctor  and
before starting to do a lot of diets, you must understand you'r body very good.


  • Drink Water

Sometimes you're feeling hungry because you'r body is thirsty, drinking enough water through out the day
2-3 litter of water a day will help you to lose belly fat
you'r body need 4 litter of water every day
to wash your heart , liver , kidney and other 
if you are drinking two litter of water a day,
lose belly fat
that's mean you'r body's working very well
you just need to drink 2 litter a day, it's not difficult.

In addition, if you are drinking 3 or 2 litter of water a day
you can lose 1 cm in the belly area after 3 weeks, also 1 kilos from body fat after 3 weeks without any diet, 
so when you are drinking two litter of water a day you'r body will burn calories 
and you will reduce belly fat.

  • Eat quickly

Lose belly fat
Try to eat your food slowly, even enjoying the taste of food , and then wait about 10-20 minutes at least before you decide to eat more food.
try it ,you'r hunger will fade often.

Lack of sleep
Lose belly fat

You must know that the main control of our bodies are the hormones, when you're not sleeping for a long time and suffering of the lack of sleep, that's will disturbing these hormones, so you're body will not Produces leptin ."Leptin" is responsible for our sense of satiety, and instead of that our body will produces the "ghrelin" hormone is responsible for our sense of hunger, that makes us need a lot of foods.

  •  Healthy Foods And Drinks

you'r still feeling hungry

Let me tell you that the 
Vegetables ,Fruits, Natural juices , 
Lose belly fat
 Yogurt, Herbs,Yellow corn and Popcorn , Natural Nuts such as  Dry almonds , Walnuts

have a lot of fibers
so you will feel full after eat these healthy foods and drinks
and you will  burning more calories
  • Reduce salt intake in any meal.
  • Reduce oil intake when you’re make popcorn 1-2 spoon.
  • The best oil to cook is olive oil that's because it contain Unsaturated Fats.
Lose belly fat

Here  50 Fiber-Rich Foods 

Lose belly fat
Lose belly fat

  • Sport

When I feel sad or hungry , I just do the homework or aerobics at home
Lose belly fat
sport can help me get rid of stress often
and make me busy.

Read about how to

  • Learn Something New
Lose belly fat
You have to  learn something new or 
go take some pictures at the public gardens
or learning new language
always try to be busy.

I hope that my article will help you  solving you'r problem and feel healthy
see you soon .
Lose belly fat

Thank you 
All the best 


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