Lose Belly Fat With British Nutrition Expert Dr.Marilyn Tips

A lot of people suffer from the rumen, so the British Nutrition expert Dr. Marilyn Glenville offers a range of advice on which foods the human need to eat to get rid of belly fat and  Maintaining of the waist area devoid of fat.

lose belly fatAccording to Dr. Marilyn: "People are always hungry because of their strained lifestyle, usually cortisol levels are high in the blood for a period of time after feeling stressed, and this is what causes an increase in appetite, in this case, your body prompts you to eat foods you think that give you activity such as carbohydrates and fat." .She added: "If this appetite does not resist, your body will store the food in the form of fat, and will focus most of the fat stored in the central region, specifically near the liver, to turn into a punch, but to limit the rumen and keep your body I advise you to eat the following foods."

  •  Eat Eggs For Breakfast
Egg contains protein and vitamin "A, D", which feels satiety and maintains healthy levels of blood sugar.

  • Make Your Meals Contains Essential Fats
Dependence of fat free products a long of time reduces saturated fat consumption، But at the same time it is also limiting the good fats، Such as essential acids found in fish, nuts, seeds which help to increase metabolism in the human body, so people should eat rich fish oils such as mackerel, sardines are rich in protein and fats, "omega-3" to support sugar in the blood and improve insulin receptors، essential fats found in fish, unsalted nuts  helps to lose weight by speeding up metabolism، recommended to take the avocado it is rich in vitamin "E", which improves blood sugar levels.

  • Stay Away From Added Sugars And Refined Carbohydrates.
Dr. Marilyn advises people stay away from foods that raise blood sugar ، Because it leads to drop again rapidly، Because the body produces adrenaline and cortisol to stabilize the sugar again
In  end the human feels the need to sugar again، It can replace sugar and carbohydrates saturated with whole grains that release energy slowly، Such as brown rice, oats have a positive effect on blood sugar levels.
  •  Add Protein To Your Diet
lose belly fat
Protein slows down the food processing، Thus delay the passage of carbohydrates، which keeps the blood sugar levels، include good protein such as eggs, fish, and beans، advises add them in all meals to maintain a balanced ration of sugar in the blood to curb appetite.

  • Eat Every Three Hours
When you eat food regularly, it keeps the blood sugar levels and stable energy levels Experts advises people to eat three meals in the time
In addition to a snack in the middle of the morning and afternoon with characterized by a period not exceeding three hours between meals، and stay away from eating carbohydrates after six pm، 
eat meals regularly limits the intense desire in the body towards the sugar, and reduces mood swings.

  • Drink Tea
Cup of green tea contains an amino acid called "Lethanien", it helps the body and brain to relax and reduces cortisol which is important to reduce abdominal fat. 

  • Eating Oysters
lose belly fat
zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds and shellfish are important to promote healthy glucose levels، zinc is important for building healthy muscle mass, which helps burn fat.

  • Forget Dieting
Body thought it's famine when people follow unhealthy diet and deprivation of food، and will raise stress levels, this is what causes the body to store fat.

  • Sport
Exercise is the basic advice to get rid of the rumen and maintain the circumference of the waist، and advises people always to increase their physical activity allocation of time to exercise and make it a priority of their life Sport helps people to control themselves and reduce appetite.


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