How To Prepare Healthy Delicious Chips Alternative

Summary:today we are going to show you how to prepare healthy alternative for chips, this healthy chips really delicious, it's easy to prepare and just contain 60 calories.

Potato chips is very tasty and delicious,especially in the winter we are feeling that we are like to watching movies and series which love.

and eating fast food such as chips (potato chips) or soft drinks and pizza , but today I want to share with you a great and healthy alternative for potato chips which have a lot of fat ,salt and calories in addition it's unhealthy for kids, women and men.

lose belly fatPotato chips is fantastic and delicious but have a lot of fats, especially unhealthy fats and really that bad for our health, it's also so bad for people who want to lose belly fat but they can not stop eating a lot of fast food, chips, soft drinks.

Don't worry if you are from these people, because there are a lot of fruits and vegetables you can use it as a healthy alternative to potato chips such as apple, banana, eggplant and zucchini and that is by placing them in the oven and that's through the grill and the addition of health.

Flavourings which is appropriate to the nature of each of them such as cinnamon for apple and banana and paprika for eggplant, 

But today I choose for you zucchini chips which have a great and delicious taste, in addition it's good for your health and just contain 60 calories, that's less than half of the potato chips.

Zucchini Chips Recipe  

All you need :
  • ¼ Cup of breadcrumbs.

lose belly fat

  • A quarter cup of grated Parmesan cheese.
lose belly fat

  • Teaspoon of salt ¼.
  • Teaspoon of garlic powder ¼.
  •  Eighth teaspoon of ground black pepper.
  •  2 spoon of sour milk.
  • Two cups and a half of sliced ​​zucchini ( about two small of zucchini ).
lose belly fat

How To Prepare This Delicious Chips 
  • Keep the first 5 ingredients in a medium bowl, and blending them with each other.
  • But the zucchini slices in the sour milk.
  • Then put it in the breading mixture and the other ingredients that have been mixing it.
  • Then put the zucchini slices on a baking sheet at 425 F heat (218 Celsius) for 30 minutes or until the fry.

 Now you can eat this delicious and healthy chips at any time.


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