Exclusive Chinese Way To Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat

Summary :This explanation is talking about a Chinese way is related to energy 'Chihelp you to increase burning fat in the belly area.

I liked the way because it's easy

Ancient Chinese knowledge belonging to energy QI 'chi' to help us! my sister told me about it
she has read about this exercise in one of the ads a few years ago, and didn't see it anywhere else,  since she was  trying very hard to lose the extra weight she earned after having three kids , i hope it will  help you to lose belly fat and feel good.
lose belly fat

ok now

 This exercise is called "crane" and includes rubbing your belly clockwise and then countering it, while feel heat or fire, and around the belly button area.

  • Lie on your back and put your  left or right hand (what you use more) on your belly

button. Take a deep breath so that you feel your hand go up, belly button area and wring out, clockwise. You can determine the direction by looking to yourself from the top, so that your hand moves from right to left, GO gradually from the belly button and then Make a larger and larger circles. Gently massage - generate most of the energy required to work!

  • When you get to the outer limits of your belly, Return to the inside again counter-clockwise until you arrive to the belly button.
take a break for a moment and then rub a second time, and complete this for almost two minutes.

  •  when you're rubbing gently..
you are motivating your digestive members 3, 
and help it to start breaking down fat cells,

Which are located under your hand directly.

  •  Now, while rubbing, imaginary fire begins to burn under your hand 

Focus on the feeling of warmth and then you will feel that warmth is already growing
Feeling of warmth, it means burning fat cells - and increase metabolism gradually.

  • Enjoy gentle movements of massage and the feeling of heat or warmth.
Whenever you enjoyed workout whenever you worked better and faster got rid of the fat layers surrounding belly.

This exercise helps :-
  • Your bowels to work hard 
  • Balance the digestive system
  • Work processes break down fat 
lose belly fat
 It is inexpensive

For best results do this exercise twice a day 
before getting out of bed and before going to sleep
And you will find that this activation is very comfortable ,in addition,
it will help you to sleep at night .

  •  Weight is reduced quickly and easily when you understand the principles of exercise correctly
  •  Also this exercise  works to get rid of some extra centimeters around the waist and buttocks
  • Don't rub strongly and don't press hard if you want to see good results and lose belly fat 
  •  Don't forget Imagine - a sense of fire or heat or gentle warmth. This will help you to lose belly fat and operation of metabolism.


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